Evolutionary policy manage­ment system for private health insurance.

Private health insurance companies have always been subject to strong cost pressure and legal regulations. But they make up for it with customer orientation and innovative business models. This is exactly what in|sure Health Policy is all about – the policy management solution that adapts to your system and meets your needs with high cost efficiency.


6 good reasons for in|sure Health Policy:



With in|sure Health Policy, you benefit from standard software with all its cost advantages as well as process optimisations that ease the burden on your budget.



The wide-ranging automation of a large number of insurance processes releases staff resources for your core business.



Our policy management system for private health insurance covers all processes in contract administration and product modelling as well as a distributable calculating engine.



A mature interface concept supporting uncomplicated integration vis-a-vis every system context.


Leading technology

in|sure Health Policy is based on a framework which has been granted the XCelent Technology Award for technical innovations.



in|sure Health Policy not only adapts optimally to your own systems and interfaces. Plausibilities and technical rules are also quickly defined via a rules engine.

If you need further information about in|sure Health Policy, you will find our brochure here


The evolutionary policy management for private health insurance at a glance

  • Features of our product:

    • Extensive automation e.g. for age group changes, premium rate adjustment processes including private long term care insurance and much more
    • Monitoring of the insurance cover even in processes that do not change the portfolio
    • Optimisation of important processes such as clearing with open items, automatically supported internal and external exchange procedures, and much more
    • Intuitive information and views, e.g. with a summarised overview of efficacy
    • Case-closing processing for different efficiencies via a 1-step release, mapping of multiple benefit exclusions
    • Flexible product modelling for fast product launch
  • With in|sure Health Policy, you can rely on a policy management software that is and remains future-proof. And which fits organically into your existing system architecture. It also supports you with the following features:

    • Consistent conception of all business transactions as straight through processes
      • leads to a high degree of automation
      • ensures independence and flexibility in the choice of input channels
      • allows automated restoration of contract consistency in the event of retroactive changesn
    • Product-driven approach with focus on flexible product modelling and simple and fast product launches
    • The use of a configurable time model enables interdependent business transactions to be processed in the same way regardless of when they were entered. It also simplifies the calculation algorithms by reducing the number of possible constellations
    • Use of synergies for further development due to regulated changes
    • Participation in technological developments
    • in|sure Health Policy relies on technical standards and freely available frameworks to make it easier to train new employees and integrate them harmoniously into existing system landscape

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