Evolutionary software solution for insurance-related payment transactions

The smooth processing of payment transactions is an important prerequisite for building trust with your customers and business partners. An IT solution that efficiently supports the collection and disbursement process and is optimised for the insurance industry is a decisive factor here.

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6 good reasons for in|sure PayTras:

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Leading technology

in|sure PayTras is based on a technologically award-winning framework. The system is based on future-proof Java technology and is fully release-ready.

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A high degree of automation of numerous processes in payment transactions facilitates work and creates new capacities.

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A high degree of automation of numerous processes in payment transactions facilitates work and creates new capacities.

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Data reduction

Each customer can play several roles, but is only present once in our system, thus avoiding redundancies and simplifying customer handling. At the same time, the data load is not increased and system performance is not affected.

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Customer-specific settings can be made via parameter tables.

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A sophisticated interface concept supports the uncomplicated connection to the various specialist and divisional systems. There is full integration with the in|sure platform and its components.

If you need further information about in|sure PayTras, you will find our brochure here


The evolutionary collection and disbursement system at a glance

  • Features of our product:

    • Posting of receivables and liabilities as well as payment settlement and receivables management
    • High degree of automation for essential payment processes
    • Simple integration into your existing accounting system and your existing IT landscape
    • Acceptance and booking of premiums and claims
    • Summarisation of current account documents and general ledger transfer
    • Payment methods: SEPA direct debit, SEPA credit transfer, PayPal, credit card
    • Bank communication and connection to banking software
    • Audit-proof documentation
  • in|sure PayTras offers standardised processes with simultaneous customer-specific features and also meets all legal requirements according to GAAP, German Commerical Code and EU-GDPR. In addition, our software solution offers you the following benefits:

    • Standard interfaces for various peripheral systems such as for partners, policy, claims/premiums and commission
    • Customer-specific design of the payment processes
    • Account balance display
    • Open item management
    • Control of the reminder process according to German Civil Code and German Insurance Act
    • Mapping of instalment plans and deferral
    • Automated return functions for rejected customer payments
    • Clearing control
    • Z4 declaration for incoming and outgoing payments in foreign trade
    • Individual set of rules per input interface via posting templates
    • Central clarification case processing with notification
    • Processing of large amounts of data
    • Processing and payment of commissions
    • xml conversion

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