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Experience report in|sure Academy: product implementations made easy

When it comes to implementing new software, companies are often confronted with various obstacles; for example, employees are "stuck" with the old familiar applications, interfaces suddenly look completely different, or work processes are mapped quite differently from what they are used to. For this reason, the newly acquired software must first be adapted within the so-called implementation project until it implements everything as desired.

Without sound background knowledge and a "common language," however, all beginnings are difficult, and new systems can therefore be initially met with disapproval. This becomes a hurdle for the product's implementation project. It's good when there's an instruction manual. It is better when a training course is offered that familiarizes all those involved in the implementation project with the new software, as well as the employees who are already familiar with our products.

In order to ensure that every project employee ultimately knows how and why our standard softwarecan be configured and adapted as desired, every training course offered by adesso insurance solutions GmbH - both technical and specialist - is first tested internally on a small group of "guinea pigs."

in|sure Advanced Level training

Over the course of 10 days spread out over three weeks, our coaches will introduce us to 23 topics related to our policy management system for private health insurance companies, in|sure Health Policy. By the end, we will have learned how the system implements each type of task, which data an interface must provide for each of these, and what on the interface can be adapted in accordance with the insurance company's wishes.

How will I become a product expert in 10 days?

On the first day, we will spend the morning getting to know each other and sharing our experiences with our software. Our Academy self-learning basic training, the so-called "Foundation Level," forms our common knowledge base so that we are already essentially familiar with terms such as interfaces, data management, and ModelDocs, and no one is ignorant of these things when we have to start the workshops.

So, in the first few days we are brought in with this level of knowledge and first work through practical individual or group tasks in order to learn the system's general design, including the basic time model and the different types of tasks and data that in|sure Health Policy requires and uses.

At the beginning of each new learning unit, our coaches give a short theoretical introduction in the conference room. Afterwards, we can discuss what we have learned in small "expert groups" in the next room - at various poster stations, for example - and then present it to the others or consolidate it with the help of tasks and games. Whether it's a classic crossword quiz, a text problem, a relaxed round of Kahoot! or giant dominoes - the practical tasks and games always come at the right time and make the week fly by.

Although the training days are filled to the brim with concentrated information, our motivation remains high. Everyone has the feeling of being smarter at the end of the day than they were in the morning - and that's not just due to coffee, which makes our brains work at full speed. Everything in the group goes smoothly, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the coaches are responsive to us and are always on the spot if there are any uncertainties. In addition, the very well-prepared visual materials make it easier to memorize and recall what one has learned. If you do forget something, you now have all kinds of documents at your fingertips. With them you can quickly and easily recall individual topics.

In the following two weeks, we will click through the system, test various manual business transactions such as contract creation or contract separation, and learn about and understand the background of automated processes such as premium adjustment. We will fill in clozes and Excel tables on the subject of authorizations, and explain to each other the differences between processing one-time and ongoing special agreements.

To sum it up: "5 stars. Happy to do it again!"

At the end of the third week, we leave Essen with our heads spinning. We achieved what we set out to accomplish and acquired exactly the in-depth background knowledge we need to provide a strong basis for communication between all employees involved the implementation project. This eliminated any entry barriers for the new software, and for its configuration.

Our rating: very good! Which means that from now on our customers can obtain comprehensive competence training on the newly acquired system from a single source, so that nothing stands in the way of a successful implementation project.

... and if an obstacle does get in the way, after the training you definitely know where to find the solution for it.

Would you like to learn more about our in|sure Academy? Our colleague Anke Haberland will be happy to help you.

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